Easy Tips to Keep Your Home Picture Perfect for Real Estate Ads

Everyone knows that the photographs in home design magazines are staged, but that does not stop them from wanting their sale ads to look like something out of one of those magazines. Home buyers are more drawn to clean, bright and beautifully decorated interiors. Taking the time to make certain the home is perfect in all real estate ads will pay off by drawing more interest in the location. Here is how to Keep Your Home Picture Perfect for Real Estate Ads without having to redecorate the entire house.

Declutter the Home

Remove anything from the room that does not have a reason for being there. Avoid amassing any piles of things. For example, one magazine on a coffee table is decorative but a stack looks like clutter. Throw out items that are not needed and store extra belongings in an off-site storage area. Once the house is decluttered it is much easier to keep the floors washed and counters dusted so the house always looks photo-ready.

Add Some Light

Open the curtains, remove the blinds and add accent lights. Bright rooms look larger, cleaner and more welcoming. A bright room in a photograph will always appeal to a buyer faster than a dark room where no details show. Add a coat of lighter paint or replace dark drapes with sheer curtains to increase the light if needed.

Replace Some Items

Throw out broken furnishings and pull up stained or torn area rugs. Replace any outdated or unappealing items with fresh pieces. Borrow things from a friend or rent it from a home rental center for the photographs and the open house. Home staging companies can do this work for the homeowner, and they may be an easier and cheaper option if there are multiple rooms that need help.

Take a few minutes to set up each photograph. Always remove any items that are not flattering to the room, make certain the curtains, blankets and accessories are displayed properly and keep pets and people out of the photos. Turn on all lights in the room and pull back curtains to allow in natural light. It only takes a few seconds of perfection to get a great photograph for any real estate ad.

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